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Shocking Statistics

According to HSE there are a scary 622,000 non-fatal workplace injuries accounted for each year. On top of this, a further 144 injuries were fatal and 27 of these cases were caused by being struck by a moving vehicle. This accounted for around 20% of all workplace fatalities. (HSE 2015/16)

You’d think it was easy to implement risk control measures to keep pedestrians safe. Being able to create a physical separation between forklift truck operations and people should always be the primary focus across any work site. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible because of the nature of the site and financial implications.

ZoneSafe has been specifically designed to help separate vehicles and personnel. Using RFID technology, the system can improve safety and awareness for both vehicle drivers and pedestrian workers.

ZoneSafe helps to prevent accidents by creating a detection zone around the forklift truck. It uses RFID technology to set up an invisible 360 degree detection zone around vehicles, assets, crossings and walkways – often referred to as the danger zone or collision risk area.

Obstacles such as walls, racking and shelving do not affect the zone meaning the detection zone can see through these potential problems. Wearing an active RFID tag, anyone who enters the detection zone is automatically detected and the driver is given an immediate warning via an audible-visual alarm notifying them that a pedestrian is in close proximity to the vehicle.


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