Exhibiting at IMHX 2016

ZoneSafe will be exhibiting at IMHX 2016, the UK’s leading logistics showcase exhibition. The triennial show is set to welcome record numbers of visitors and exhibitors, with over 400 exhibitors [...]

Safetember and ZoneSafe – This months Industrial Compliance article

Can Technology help to “Look Out For Your Mates”? This month’ s industrial publication topic discusses The Forklift Truck Association’s (FLTA) upcoming safety campaign [...]

Ways to Avoid Forklift Truck Accidents

Whilst there have been significant improvements made in forklift safety over the last two decades, more still needs to be done. Over 1300 people last year were injured as a result of forklift [...]

5 Benefits of Using a Proximity Warning System

5 Benefits of Using a Proximity Warning System So what are the advantages of using a proximity warning system? Fitting a proximity warning system to a vehicle can help to significantly reduce the [...]