ZoneSafe fits to almost any vehicle, static machine or can be set up to provide exclusion zones around hazardous areas and high value assets.

The standard system includes an in cab control unit, proximity antennas and tags as well as a number of other options including data logging and analysis.

In Cab Control Unit

The In Cab Control Unit is located near to the driver or machine operator and installed without restricting operational views or machine controls. The unit provides an audible visual alert to the vehicle operator when a pedestrian worker has been detected wearing a tag and has entered or breached the vehicles safe zone.

Feature Benefit
Local Audible Visual Alarm Provides an audible visual proximity warning or alert to the driver when a tag has entered or breached the safe zone.
Tag Holder Detects and logs authorised driver tags.
Mute Button Enables the vehicle driver to silence a detection event and allow a single pedestrian worker to approach the vehicle.
Status LED Indicates to the vehicle operator the unit is functioning correctly.
Data Logging Data logging records and saves transponder detection events and other system information which can be later viewed and analysed.
Wireless Connectivity Easily connect to the ZoneSafe in cab control unit with a mobile device to access event logs in the data logger and adjust configuration settings.
Customer Options In-Cab Control Unit with LCD, This enables drivers to see the location of a tag detection via an integrated LCD screen.
In-Cab Control Unit with WIFI/GPRS, This module enables control units to automatically send event logs from the data logger to our cloud hosted ZoneSafe platform where end users can view operational information, detection events, setup alerts and use analytical tools.

Proximity Antennas

A perimeter detection zone or safe zone is set-up using proximity antenna units. These detect tags through 360° around the vehicle which can be set to detect with a 3-9 metres radius. Depending on the machine type and size, single or multiple antennas can be utilized to provide the best coverage and detection area.

Features Benefits
Rugged Design Proximity antenna units are weather resistant and can withstand harsh environments.
Adjustable Detection Range Tag detection range can be adjusted depending on the operation and environment of the vehicle. The threshold adjustment is typically from 3-9 metres using a standard antenna.


Tags are Active RFID devices worn by all personnel, as part of their workplace PPE or fixed to objects which are detected by the system. An audible visual alert from the control unit is triggered when a person or object with a transponder enters a pre-determined safe zone around the vehicle.

ZoneSafe tags are small light weight units configured with a unique ID and compatible with all ZoneSafe systems.

Features Benefits
Enclosure All standard ZoneSafe tags are lightweight ultrasonically sealed units that are weather proof and will operate in harsh environments.
Integrate with PPE Tags easily fit into pockets of hi visibility work wear, armbands or can be worn with a lanyard.
Long Life Tags are powered by a lithium ion battery ensuring they have a long operational life.
Refurbishment Tags can be factory refurbished to help keep through life costs low.
Options Test Tags, these are used to help setup the zone around the vehicle and illuminate when they are in the safe zone.
Food Safe Enclosure, these are used in environments where standard plastics are not permitted such as food processing and manufacturing.

Tag Check Point

The Tag Check Point enable users to quickly and easily check the status of their tags. A simple indication panel or LED’s on the unit indicates to the user the status of their tag and confirms if it is working correctly. Units can be wall mounted either inside or outside, operate as a basic stand alone test station or connect to a network to provide optional functionality.

Features Benefits
Status Indicator Simple display indicates the status of any personal safety tag presented ensuring correct functionality.
POE or 24VDC Check point units can be supplied requiring either Power over Ethernet or a 24VDC power supply depending on your requirements.
Network Connectivity Check point units can be connected to a network to enable enhanced features such as logging and tag management.
Real Time Clock & Memory Time stamp and save events on the device.
Relay Option Connect an external alarm or enable access control features.
Rugged Enclosure Rugged weatherproof enclosure for both inside and outside installations.

Data & Analytics

ZoneSafe systems record important data including operation information and triggered events such as proximity detections and alarms. Recorded data is stored in the systems control unit that can then be accessed and viewed using any android device or laptop for analysis. For more detailed analysis, reporting and management tools event data can be uploaded to our cloud solution, which is especially useful for multiple site management.

Being able to view and analyse event data provides essential management information to help improve safety, identify areas of risk, develop safer working practices and reduce operational costs.


A range of ZoneSafe accessories and options are available.

Features Benefits
External Alarm Alarm options are available which can be attached to the outside of a vehicle and used to alert pedestrian workers and additionally setup to distinguish from other alarms in the workplace.
Work Wear High visibility vests with a transponder pocket, armbands and lanyards can be supplied with the system.
Proximity Antennas Long range and bespoke antennas can be supplied for application specific requirements.
Long Range Transponder A long range transponder is available and can be supplied for application specific requirements.
Fixing Kits Antenna fixing kits are available for installation flexibility.
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  • The safety of our employees is paramount in our business and DSSP are always looking for initiatives and innovations that can help us provide as safe a working environment as possible. ZoneSafe provides a simple but significant addition to the fleet of trucks here at Featherstone combining ease of use with reliability. We are using this in areas where pedestrians and moving machinery have to work together and it has clearly improved the awareness and confidence of both truck operators and pedestrians. I consider this to be a major addition to our effective health and safety management systems.

    Dave Ward Logistics Manager – DS Smith Packaging – Featherstone
  • We consider this a valuable and reliable tool which will significantly increase safety in our daily operations and aid us in our effort to transform APM Terminals Callao into a very safe place where everyone enjoys working while being safe doing so.

    Laurids Uglvig Chief Operating Officer – APM Terminals – Callao
  • We've been using Zonesafe for nearly 4 years now (fitted on 10 forklifts) and the system has contributed to us having no LTI's or MTI's across two very busy sites. I highly recommend this technology.

    Scott Van Loon National Manager For Oil & Gas - Qube Energy - Australia