Proximity Warning System Applications

ZoneSafe Forklift Excavator Reach Stacker

Designed and developed through our knowledge and experience of identification technologies, our comprehensive range of ZoneSafe applications will significantly improve work site safety. Each ZoneSafe application can operate as a standalone system or as part of combined solution.

The ZoneSafe Proximity Warning & Alert Systems range of applications includes:

  • Vehicle to Person Alert – Protect personnel from accidental vehicle collisions and identify near miss occurrences.
  • Walkway Alert – Warn pedestrians using walkways of approaching vehicles
  • Crossing Alert – Warn pedestrians at crossings of an approaching vehicle
  • Vehicle Detection System – Long range vehicle to vehicle detection
  • Asset Protection – Protect assets from accidental vehicle collisions
  • Aircraft Damage Protection – Prevent aircraft damage from ground service equipment
  • Vehicle Access Control – Controlled vehicle access to restricted areas
  • Personnel Access Control – Controlled and security access for doors and turnstiles

We recognise that all working environments are different. This is why we have designed our solutions with flexibility in mind. Using our in-house services we can offer a tailored solution for any of our applications.

Throughout the life of a system we fully support both our customers and products with technical assistance and ongoing after sales service.

For more information on our applications and how they can help you improve site safety, contact us now on +44 (0) 1202 868000 or email