Pedestrian Detection – RFID Tags

ZoneSafe systems use Active RFID technology, which offers a number of benefits and advantages over other proximity warning systems. Our ZoneSafe technology provides fast, reliable and accurate data exchange between tags and readers without any limitation on the number of tags or readers (ZoneSafe systems) in operation, which is essential for a safety warning system.

The detection of the tag is automatic and does not require line of sight from the tag reader or intervention from the user enabling complete hands free operation. They are not affected by obstructions such as somebody standing in front of them or environmental factors like adverse weather.

ZoneSafe Banksman Tag

Tag Types


1. Standard Tag
The choice for most applications, ZoneSafe standard tags are extremely robust with a tamperproof sealed unit. The tag battery will last between 2 – 3 years under normal use.


2. Hi Capacity Tag
Exactly the same in shape and size as the standard tag, the high capacity tag ensures an extra long operational life when used in intensive and high usage environments.


3. VibraTag
Vibratags provide short bursts of vibration alerting the wearer when a vehicle is approaching or they are too close to the vehicle. Vibratags are also rechargeable lasting up to 3 months between charges.


4. Banksman Tag
Allows a banksman to work within the detection zone of a vehicle and respond quickly to operators hazards or dangerous situations by pressing the tag’s warning button.

Alongside our standard product range, we can design and implement a proximity warning system using our in house services to suit a customer’s application. For more information on our applications and how they can help you improve site safety, contact us

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  • The safety of our employees is paramount in our business and DSSP are always looking for initiatives and innovations that can help us provide as safe a working environment as possible. ZoneSafe provides a simple but significant addition to the fleet of trucks here at Featherstone combining ease of use with reliability. We are using this in areas where pedestrians and moving machinery have to work together and it has clearly improved the awareness and confidence of both truck operators and pedestrians. I consider this to be a major addition to our effective health and safety management systems.

    Dave Ward Logistics Manager – DS Smith Packaging – Featherstone
  • We consider this a valuable and reliable tool which will significantly increase safety in our daily operations and aid us in our effort to transform APM Terminals Callao into a very safe place where everyone enjoys working while being safe doing so.

    Laurids Uglvig Chief Operating Officer – APM Terminals – Callao
  • We've been using Zonesafe for nearly 4 years now (fitted on 10 forklifts) and the system has contributed to us having no LTI's or MTI's across two very busy sites. I highly recommend this technology.

    Scott Van Loon National Manager For Oil & Gas - Qube Energy - Australia