Creating A Safer Environment Within The Packaging Industry

ZoneSafe is working with market leading companies in paper-based packaging supplying proximity warning systems for pedestrian safety.

Blurred Forklift driving at speed through a paper packaging warehouse

Paper mills and packaging plants often manufacture bulky items including large reels of paper, corrugated packaging and containerboard. Handling these items can unfortunately reduce a forklift truck operator’s field of vision and increase the risk of accidents involving pedestrian workers.

Creating physical separation between forklift truck operations and people should always be a primary implementation across any worksite but unfortunately this is not always possible. Recognising that forklift trucks are involved in some of the most serious accidents involving pedestrian workers, companies in the paper packaging and paper recycling industries are implementing and installing ZoneSafe technology to create safer working environments.

ZoneSafe uses RFID technology to help improve safety and awareness for both vehicle drivers and pedestrian workers. The system helps to prevent accidents by creating a detection zone around the forklift truck and anyone who enters wearing a tag is automatically detected. The driver is given an immediate warning via an audible-visual alarm that someone is in close proximity to the vehicle.

Man walking towards forklift fitted with ZoneSafe Proximity Warning System

ZoneSafe proximity warning systems are particularly effective in the paper based packaging industry because:

  • Easily installed on forklift trucks and other types of material handling vehicles.
  • Provides a full 360º detection zone with up to 9m radius
  • Operates through obstructions and blind corners
  • Audible visual alerts.
  • Data logging and near miss reporting.
  • Tag management and access control options.


ZoneSafe are pleased to be working with and supporting companies committed to creating a safer working environment within the packaging industry.

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  • The safety of our employees is paramount in our business and DSSP are always looking for initiatives and innovations that can help us provide as safe a working environment as possible. ZoneSafe provides a simple but significant addition to the fleet of trucks here at Featherstone combining ease of use with reliability. We are using this in areas where pedestrians and moving machinery have to work together and it has clearly improved the awareness and confidence of both truck operators and pedestrians. I consider this to be a major addition to our effective health and safety management systems.

    Dave Ward Logistics Manager – DS Smith Packaging – Featherstone
  • We consider this a valuable and reliable tool which will significantly increase safety in our daily operations and aid us in our effort to transform APM Terminals Callao into a very safe place where everyone enjoys working while being safe doing so.

    Laurids Uglvig Chief Operating Officer – APM Terminals – Callao
  • We've been using Zonesafe for nearly 4 years now (fitted on 10 forklifts) and the system has contributed to us having no LTI's or MTI's across two very busy sites. I highly recommend this technology.

    Scott Van Loon National Manager For Oil & Gas - Qube Energy - Australia